Peltrería Balcells has the technical and human resources, as well as the experience, to offer the precise finishes and qualities with the maximum guarantees. Products can be fully customized, in series of medium and small quantities.


The production process begins with the prototype or drawing design provided by the client or the technical office. Together with our partners, the metal molds of the piece are built.


The joint experience of the company and trusted partners guarantee the effectiveness, quality and durability of the molds.


After the client standardizes the piece, the casting begins, until the relevant finishing processes: deburring, roughing, shot blasting, vibrating, and heat and/or machining treatments. Finally, the pieces are reviewed and verified.

The foundry offers the following processes and machinery



Peltrería Balcells has ten injecting machines, from 80 to 600 Tm, to cast aluminum and Zamak, of the following models:

  • IDRA OL-220, OL-560, OL-320 & 125 Z
  • ADER DMKH 80, CFH25, DAW-22, HF120 & DMKH-160
  • COLOSIO PFO-400 & PFO-320



Peltrería Balcells has the following machinery for this casting:

  • one chiller
  • three furnaces for gravity casting



  • manual roughing
  • deburr by press
  • sawing and sanding
  • three ROTOFINISH-ROSLER vibros and one drying tunnel
  • MEBUSA shot blasting machine
  • o mechanized processes by specialized external collaborators